Save a buck, DIY

No Comments 27 July 2012

Nowadays everyone’s looking to save a buck. With do-it-yourself (DIY) household items, you’re sure to save money for the same products you’d pick up at your local supply store. There are many different “recipes” for cleaners and stain removers that you can just whip up in your own kitchen. A popular fabric refresher that is [...]

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Is College Still Worth It?

No Comments 23 July 2012

The decision to go to college can be a tough one, especially with todays economy. Many people are beginning to wonder if college is even worth it anymore. Years ago you were pretty much guaranteed a job upon graduation from college and now that would be a dream come true for many. Take a look [...]

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Applications, Featured

Baby, there’s an app for that.

No Comments 20 July 2012

If you were to hand your child the choice between a rattle and your Apple iPhone, chances are your baby will choose the phone. Let’s face it- they light up, play music, and are pretty. So, if you’re dealing with a technologically advanced child, why not have some games downloaded for them to play and [...]

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A Beginners Guide To Couponing

No Comments 17 July 2012

Looking for a few dollars to save? Sure, who isn’t nowadays. An easy way to save a few bucks on life’s necessary items is couponing. In 2011 alone, $46 billion was saved with the use of coupons in America. Couponing is rapidly growing with new enthusiasts born every day. Coupon enthusiasts spend up to 40-60 [...]

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