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Baby, there’s an app for that.

0 Comments 20 July 2012

If you were to hand your child the choice between a rattle and your Apple iPhone, chances are your baby will choose the phone. Let’s face it- they light up, play music, and are pretty. So, if you’re dealing with a technologically advanced child, why not have some games downloaded for them to play and learn from? Apple has a variety of applications available from sign language, to music, and games for your wee one.

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Baby Sign ASL is a sign language app that includes over 200 different signs to assist in communication between baby and parent. Babies who learn to sign, on average, learn up to 50 more words by the age of two than babies who never learned to sign. If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to communicate with your tyke, this app is a must have.

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There are also multiple apps with flashcards to help your toddler learn to speak. These apps include letters, numbers, pronunciations, animals, and colors. Learning has never been so fun than taking mommy’s phone and educating yourself on life’s necessities.

happybaby iphone app Baby, theres an app for that. Credit

The “bubbles” application is just that, bubbles. This app allows your toddler to simply pop bubbles on the screen. A great and fun distraction while you’re waiting around at the doctor’s office, sitting in a restaurant, or just playing at home.


Also, be on the look out for toddler quiz apps to see just what they’ve been learning. Downloading  “iWrite Words” provides a little fun education lesson to ready your tot for the real world- or at least preschool.

iWritewords Baby, theres an app for that.


pixel Baby, theres an app for that.

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