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Back to School, Back to Basics

0 Comments 01 August 2012

It’s that time again, back to school for the kiddos, while mom gets to do all their shopping. It’s understandable that shopping for clothes can be a bit overwhelming, especially when your child doesn’t want to try clothes on. Fashion comes and goes every year, but it’s best to stick to the basics and add on whenever your child feels like being the next fashionista. So, what exactly is in style this fall?



With keeping the theme of basics for the season, below is a list of your child’s “must-haves” for starting the new school year.

1. The basic blue jean- Every child needs a few new pairs of jeans to easily pair with any top, blouse, or jacket.

2. Basic t-shirts- In an array of colors to easily mix and match multiple outfits, also for a comfortable feel and look.

3. New shoes- Before you even mention buying your child new shoes, you know they’ll be asking for new kicks. A comfortable pair of sneakers for everyday wear.

4. A lightweight jacket- Nearing the fall season, it’ll start cooling down. A light jacket is nice to have before having to bust out that heavy winter coat.

5. Sweatshirt or hoodie- Keep your child warm without the bulk of a heavy coat.

6. Button down shirt/blouse- With school pictures coming up and special occasions, it’s good for you child to have a few nice shirts to dress up in.

7. Khaki pants- Another must for dressing up and looking nice. Khakis go nicely with everything for a nice polished look.

8. Dress shoes- For those polished days when sneakers just won’t cut it.

9. Raincoat- You want to protect all those new clothes you just purchased from the rain. And let’s face it, no one likes getting their clothes wet then sitting at school all day.

10. After-school clothes- A few outfits that your child can go outside and play in with out the fear of tearing up their new school clothes.

With this list of essentials, your child will be set and ready for a new school year, looking clean cut and ready to get their education on.

 Back to School, Back to Basics


pixel Back to School, Back to Basics

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