Back to School Blues

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Starting school, whether it be a new school, a new teacher, or  new friends- it can be very nerve racking for children. I’m sure you’ve heard your child say they hate school, and if not, it may be in your future. So, how can we detect their stresses and what can we do about our child’s dislike for their necessary education?

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Stress can come in all types of form and worrying can definitely affect one’s body. Signs of school stress may include headaches or stomachaches. You know when your little one says their belly hurts and they feel like they’re going to throw up on that first day of school? It’s because they’re worried and their nerves are making them nauseous. Also, trouble sleeping is a definite side effect of stress. Unfortunately, being grouchy and exhaustion will come with the lack of sleep.


The first step is finding out why your child doesn’t like school. It may be because of a bully that is bothering them, or maybe a kid that they don’t particularly care for has been hanging around them. Maybe even an issue with their teacher. Class work as well as homework can also attribute to stress and the disliking of their school. When kids find their classes to be difficult, they tend to fall behind which is just another stress added to their load.

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So, how can we help our kids and even get them to start liking school? First, have your child write down all the reasons they don’t like school. Once you have an idea as to why your little one isn’t having fun, you can then start on mending their dislike. If it is an issue with a bully, speak with the child’s teacher or principal. Is it that your child is falling behind in class? Your child’s teacher will want to help as well as a school counselor. You may even help your child by hiring a tutor.


Once your child writes down what they dislike about school, then have them make a list of the things they do like. Now that you have your child’s likes, you can then build them up and focus on the positive with your kiddo. Take a deep breath, Mom. You and your child can over-come the stresses of school together.

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