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Fun After School Snacks

0 Comments 15 August 2012

You know how it is, when your child gets home from school or a sports related practice, they are “starving” like they haven’t eaten in days. Well, you don’t want to totally ruin their dinner, so you opt for a small snack. May as well make some cute and fun snacks, while making them delicious and maybe even nutritious as well.

Let’s start off with a creative snack burrito, fun to make and eat as well!
Roll up a banana, peanut butter and jelly, or peanut butter and honey in a tortilla. The tortilla works as the bread and makes for a scrumptious snack burrito.

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Next up, how about some Sour-Patch Kids Grapes?  Try rolling your green grapes in Melon Fusion (or whatever type of Jell-O you prefer) Jell-O powder for a healthier alternative to the sweet candies.

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Try an apple sandwich. After taking the core from the apple, slice into 1/4 inch or so slices, smother with peanut butter and chocolate chips or whatever you’d prefer in your “sandwich”, top with another apple slice and bam! Apple Sandwiches.
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Banana hot dogs, just add banana, hog dog bun, jelly or Nutella. This sure will get your child interested in healthy snacking!

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Here’s a fun alternative to the boring ole sandwich, sandwich kabobs. Making them even more fun, use a cookie cutter to cut your bread and cheese into fun shapes. Add everything you child loves on a sandwich to your kabob sticks, and you have a fun snack your child will be sure to love.


Afternoon snacks don’t have to be boring pizza rolls thrown into the microwave; they can be fun and healthy! Let your imagination run wild and with a little help from your kid, these will be snacks they’ll be begging you for.

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