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Kindle Kids

No Comments 28 September 2012

The newest form of reading is gaining quite a bit of momentum these days. E-books are quickly becoming the preferred medium for reading. But, what about for kids? Is it OK for your child to use your Kindle or to have their own? The answer is yes, but there are a few things you should [...]

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Your Dirty Habits Make Me Sick

No Comments 21 September 2012

Often times we don’t realize just how dirty the every day items we touch are. This infographic goes deep in describing just how germ infested your house is/can be. With the help of a new technology developed by ionSwipes, we can now fight germs more effectively. See below. Courtesy of ionSwipes and Keeping it Kleen

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The Great American Bacon Barter

No Comments 21 September 2012

These days it’s all about social media. So, Oscar Mayer has taken to the social media world by creating a “bacon barter” campaign and spreading the word about it all through Twitter, their website ( and Facebook. What is this “bacon barter” that we speak of? Well, it’s about to blow your mind. Credit Oscar [...]

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It’s Alive! The Social Media Monster

No Comments 14 September 2012

As much as we love our social media sites, they can be very distracting. Sometimes we spend way too much time on them and don’t finish our tasks at hand, especially at work. For some people, using social media sites might be their job, but for everyone else, Facebooking and tweeting is frowned upon in [...]

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To Flu Shot or Not?

No Comments 13 September 2012

‘Tis the season for sickness. When the weather starts changing, the runny noses start, the coughs increase and the all around no-feel-goods. The option for a flu shot is always on the table this time of year, but should you get your child the shot or not? There’s a lot of buzz floating around whether [...]

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The Luxurious Guide to Mailing Your Family

No Comments 12 September 2012

Ever wanted to package up and ship off members of your family? Here’s a handy guide, presented by, on how to do just that! Gift Packaging with style - RetailPackaging.Com

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