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Kindle Kids

0 Comments 28 September 2012

The newest form of reading is gaining quite a bit of momentum these days. E-books are quickly becoming the preferred medium for reading. But, what about for kids? Is it OK for your child to use your Kindle or to have their own? The answer is yes, but there are a few things you should remember before just handing over your e-book to your five year old.

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Internet browsers are pretty much the norm these days. You can access the internet via your television, your laptop, your mobile device, (your refrigerator?) and of course you Kindle. Children love the internet and it can be a valuable tool for helping them learn; however, there are certain things that just aren’t appropriate for their little eyes and ears. Thankfully, the Kindle Fire comes with parental controls that allow you to set the type of content you feel your child should be allowed to view.


Another great feature that comes with the Kindle Fire is that it allows parents to set a time limit for how long their child spends reading, surfing, watching and playing. This feature can be a great way of ensuring your children don’t spend all their time on their Kindle, instead of playing outside or doing homework.


Lastly, there are a ton of apps and a great selection of books for children to read. Everything from Angry Birds to Dora the Explorer, kids have so many different things to choose from. The Kindle Fire allows for kids to have their pick of whatever it is they want to do (with Mom and Dad’s permission, of course!) If you’re looking for a good present and a means to save a few trees, getting a Kindle Fire is certainly the way to go.

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