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Basically about 76% of people visit social media sites, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Linkedin, Google+ or Foursquare. Of these people, 49% of them are women who visit social media sites at least a few times daily. With a lower percentage of 34% of men visit social media sites a few times a day.

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So, what exactly does brand loyalty have to do with social media today? Online, nearly 49% of people display brand loyalty. But why exactly do people follow brands online? Mainly to show support for a liked brand, to stay current with a brand’s latest offerings, to access special offers, coupons and/or promotions, to learn about brand-related online content and also to offer opinions or comments about the brand.


Moms are the biggest trendsetters on the Internet. There are 58% of moms between the ages of 18 and 34 that follow brands on social media. With at home moms, having social media profiles are not uncommon and they often read blogs on the Internet as well. About 66% of blog readers say that a promotion or brand mentioned by a blogger influences a purchasing decision on their part. This is especially true for 18-34 year olds. Also, 62% of people frequently or occasionally follow their favorite content sites on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media websites. You also can’t forget about couponing social media sites, such as Groupon, that is nothing  but coupons and offers for lower priced items.


By just clicking a button while admiring a product is the equivalent to an impulse buy. One in four respondents are likely to follow an brand because of a socially enabled online ad. By following your favorite brands online, you’re more than likely to find the newest coupons, latest trends, and even recalls on products.


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