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The Great American Bacon Barter

0 Comments 21 September 2012

These days it’s all about social media. So, Oscar Mayer has taken to the social media world by creating a “bacon barter” campaign and spreading the word about it all through Twitter, their website ( and Facebook. What is this “bacon barter” that we speak of? Well, it’s about to blow your mind.

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Oscar Mayer hired comedian and actor Josh Sankey to drive from New York to Los Angeles, California in a truck with a refrigerated trailer with no money and only bacon. He’s trucking along with 3,000 pounds of the delicious meat to use as currency to barter for anything he needs- food, lodging, gas, and even tattoos. Yes, we said tattoos.

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Starting off his trip, Sankey met a psychic in which he traded 10 bricks of bacon to find out he is going to live to be 87 years old. A brick of bacon, which I’m sure you’re wondering, is 1 package (averaging about 15 slices in each brick). Josh then traveled to East Rutherford, New Jersey where he traded 2 bricks of bacon for some ice cold beer. It’s game day and lucky for Josh, he met some New York Jets fans. These fans love their football, but obviously loved free bacon more. They traded 2 football tickets for just 6 bricks of bacon.

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While novelty items are great to have, a place to lay his head is a necessity. In Hagerstown, Maryland Sankey was given a place to stay by a man who breathes fire! The cost of his pad to crash in, 24 bricks of this thick butcher cut bacon. Moving on, Josh was able to find more hospitality and a place to stay with Shawn in Charleston, West Virginia. Shawn gave Josh a night on a couch, some great company, and even breakfast in the morning (of course including bacon).

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Lastly, we get to the wildest bacon barter of the tour so far. A man named Kevin in Louisville, Kentucky did the unthinkable- he got a bacon tattoo. The tattoo is a replica of the Oscar Mayer logo, but with the word “bacon” replacing the famous Oscar Mayer name. He didn’t do it for a small price though- he got a total of 200 bricks of bacon for the permanent ink on his body. Could you imagine what you would do with 200 bricks of bacon? That’s about 3,000 strips! Now that is some bacon dedication.

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You can follow the bacon barter online at, on Twitter at @baconbarter, Instagram at @baconbarter and Facebook at What would YOU barter for bacon?

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