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“I Am Stumped!” A Children’s Book Review

1 Comment 19 October 2012

Author Lisa Rivard recently published a children’s book entitled, “I Am Stumped!” This Mom’s Choice Awards book is a helpful guide for children who are feeling left out. When two’s company and three’s a crowd, it’s good to have a reminder that leaving people out can cause a lot of hurt feelings and contempt.


In this fictitious story about a little boy named Aiden, a show of character is really defined when pals Brendon and Brody start leaving him out . “I Am Stumped” really helps children in learning how  to use problem-solving skills to repair broken friendships and what it’s like to have your feelings hurt by others. When Aiden is constantly left out during hang outs with his friends or because of the color shirt he’s wearing, Aiden starts to question if the reason he’s being left out is because of himself.

Nowadays, kids are faced with bullying and it’s important to teach your children the importance of acceptance. It doesn’t matter the color shirt you wear, the food you eat, or the letter your name starts with, it’s about loving each other for your differences. This book really can relate to everyone, because at some point in time we have felt left out and excluded.

Not only does Rivard go in depth about why the  child is being excluded, she  includes a girl in the lunchroom that befriends Aiden when his other buddies tell him he can’t eat lunch with them. It really helps Aiden to realize that there are still kids that want to be his friend and show him there was nothing wrong with his character. The principal of the school then helps the two boys, Brendon and Brody, to see why what they were doing to Aiden really hurts his feelings, and how they wouldn’t like it if someone excluded them. In the end, the boys apologize and all is right in the elementary world friendships. Apologies, another very important lesson for children to learn.

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At the end of the book, Lisa Rivard includes a list of discussion questions for you and your child to go over after reading. This is a very unique way to end a book, because it helps your child to really understand what happened in the book and why each person felt the way they did. With questions such as, “Why is Aiden so bothered by his friends?” and “Why is it important to be respectful to everyone?”,  it really helps your child to understand their own feelings and in the end will teach them how they should treat others. When your child is feeling left out, grab this book and go to a world of feeling and learning. No child should feel less than any one other, and they should always be reminded that three is not a crowd and there’s room for everyone.

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  1. Lisa Rivard says:

    Thanks for the wonderful review! I was a principal and teacher and it always broke my heart when I saw kids being excluded. Please visit Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or for ordering or for more info about school visits.

    -Lisa, Author of I Am Stumped!

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