Introducing: The Inflatable Seat Belt

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It’s no surprise that as a mother you want the best protection for your child, especially when it comes to riding in the car. The Ford Motor Company has realized this and has started producing their popularly sold Explorer and the 2013 Flex with rear inflatable seat belts. This seat belt was introduced into the Ford Explorer in 2012 (the first being sold in 2011) and has all the restraint features of a regular seat belt with an added bonus of an air bag. This added feature to the seat belt adds another boost of safety to the automobiles.


Here recently, the leading child seat manufacturer, Britax has independently approved the rear inflatable seat belt system in the Ford vehicles for use with all its child seats. Vice President of Britax USA, Ron Marsilio states, “As a leader in child car seat safety, BRITAX is pleased to announce that Ford’s inflatable seatbelts have been approved for used with all BRITAX car seats made to date.” Marsilio also said, “Our products undergo the most rigorous testing in our industry, above and beyond NHTSA recommendations, and we continue to work closely with vehicle manufacturers like Ford on safety innovations and design improvements that complement the performace of child car seats.”

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With the new design, over 33% of Explorer and Flex buyers opt for the rear-inflatable belts. It’s all about having a safer ride, and especially for children. In a recent study, 90% of respondents found that the inflatable seat belt is as comfortable if not more comfortable than conventional belt systems as well. The seat belt works just as any belt in your normal everyday use.

 Introducing: The Inflatable Seat BeltCredit

So, if you’re looking to purchase a new car, a seat belt system like this one may be ideal for your little one’s safety. Next-generation testing is ongoing on the belt and the plan is to bring the technology to more vehicles in the future.

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