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Become a Master Meal Maker

1 Comment 30 November 2012

There’s a special moment in every parent’s daily life.  Its that ‘aha’ moment that knocks you sideways.  Its…when you know what you’ll be serving to your family for dinner. You probably dreaded it all day and you may have even ordered out or in.  But, unless you live for that rush of defrosting chicken and scrounging around in your vegetable bin for a less wrinkly tomato, there’s menu planning.

Don’t roll your eyes.  It can be done!

Where many meal planning guides go wrong is that they try to encourage you to try new recipes, to go beyond your comfort zone, to spend more than 20 minutes preparing your meal. To do things their way.

The How to Meal Plan Guide emphasizes meal planning as a practical solution to an everyday need, not a way to become super mom.  Meal planning is an extremely personal process - diets and food preferences make it challenging to address a meal maker’s every concern. Crystal VanTassell of Crystal & Co. manages to provide a selective processes in broad enough terms for meal makers in any situation.

While anyone can tell you to make a list of meals and then execute them, Ms. VanTassell helps her readers screen their menus and dinner plans to ensure the most amount of success.  She literally created a guide to help a meal maker plan out her meals with thought to practicality, affordability and taste.

While her book provides several printable resources, like the 21 Recipe list (these were my top picks), she acknowledges that her readers may desire a different format and she provides resources for both meals and for printables from fellow bloggers.

Thinking of 21 recipes is harder than you might think.  I got to about 14 became truly stumped.  That’s where her recipe resources came in handy, including her own easy recipe list.

I would like to have seen some tips on how to pair sides with main dishes and some ideas for meals throughout the day - not just dinner.  However, I found this ebook encouraging and applicable to my own life.  I figure this is step one.  First I’ll conquer dinner, and then the world!

For $1 off your own copy of How to Meal Plan Guide, use the code launch at checkout.


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