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Which Schools Are Best for Learning Programming?

0 Comments 13 November 2012

Recently, the National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT) was awarded a multi-million dollar grant in order to promote and fund programs that which will increase the number of women in the field of computer programming. Nearly three-fourths of current programmers are males, and the NCWIT is looking to change that. The tools needed to get into programming are accessible to anyone, men and women alike, and because of this there are many women out there who could have a long, fulfilling programming career in front of them and not even know it.

The Perks of Programming

Anyone, male or female, can learn to program with the right education. With increasing job insecurity and the very real possibility of becoming overwhelmed by debt from student loans, it’s absolutely important to get a degree that is relevant to the current job market. Programming jobs are a great choice for people who are both technologically talented and creative. What many people don’t understand is that the computer sciences are not the isolating, monotonous jobs they’re made out to be. Programming can be super creative and collaborative, often demanding people to work both independently and on a team. Learning computer programming is like learning a new language. With the right vernacular, programmers are able to communicate in a way that will leave everyone else in the dust.

How To Get Into Programming

A career in computer programming begins at one of the many colleges and universities across the world which offer degrees in computer sciences. Taking on a full-time class load is not a possibility for many people, though. Luckily, there are many online programs that can fit into almost any busy schedule. Just about anyone can get a degree in computer sciences- from their home and on their own time. Many schools offer a range of courses for every aspect of the programming world. Future iPhone apps are waiting to be built by students of iOS development. An introduction to programming, JavaScript, and HTML can be gained with courses in web development and complemented with web design classes about CSS or responsive web design. There are many components to programming, all of which can be learned online from free or low-priced web content like text, videos, and quizzes. Programming skills can be learned at each student’s unique pace and on their schedule with online resources and schools.  Sites such as and Mozilla’s School of Warcraft look very promising for the future of programming in non-traditional ways. With the accessibility of educations, groups like NCWIT are hoping to open doors for women interested in a degree in the sciences. Programming jobs that are currently dominated by men could be gaining a new feminine perspective as more and more women get degrees for a career in web design and development and iOS development.

pixel Which Schools Are Best for Learning Programming?

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