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Kiwi Crate Family Craft Night

1 Comment 13 November 2012

There’s a holiday cheer in the air. No, its not Christmas. Its Chanukah! Our eight crazy nights are only a month away and we dove right into the Chanukah spirit with Kiwi Crate’s Handmade Hanukkah! (Scroll down to find out how you can win one of your own)  The elegantly wrapped box was sent in Moshe’s name (he was beside himself at receiving a Chanukah present early!), and the beautifully wrapped box contained a full set of supplies for two projects: a LED-lit Menorah and a spin-art Dreidel. I was prepared for the supplies, having read through the description of the crate online, with newspaper and paper towels and yet a little slice of fear ran through me as he opened the box.


It wasn’t on Kiwi Crates behalf that I was concerned. Moshe, our artist in residence, is three and half and, while he’s firmly in the suggested three to seven year-old age group, I had some doubts as to whether the projects would hold his interest. Trying to force a three-year old to enjoy a craft can have disastrous, blood curdling effects.


I needn’t have worried. The instructions were printed with pictures, so Moshe was engaged from the beginning, helping to set up the supplies and even separate the little bits of tissue paper. Not only did he actually want to repeat each part of the project (thank you Kiwi Crates for supplying enough pieces for mistakes), we even got his 20-month old brother in on the action!

The Handmade Hanukkah crate is priced at $19.99 (as most of the individual crates are), and I think it’s well worth it. We have enough extra supplies to keep doing spin art a few more times, and the menorah will likely be relit for many years to come (the LED lights will take a battery replacement when need be - I have to admit I’m relieved they didn’t send candles!) I particularly loved that the box itself was part of the project - there was very little waste, including the packaging. Each crate costs a flat $19.95 (no shipping if you get a subscription) and you can add additional supplies for a sibling (or, in my case, parent).

If you’re planning a party (and what parent isn’t - no matter when their child’s birthday is!), I loved the idea of the party packs - you can mix and match to get 6 mini-projects at a cheaper price. My favorite was the Superhero Cape for $12. I’m not sure that I would invest in a long-term subscription for one child. I’m concerned about getting repeat projects (you can only do so many projects with tissue paper before it starts to get old), though you can save about $20 over the course of the year if you get a 12 month subscription, rather than buying a crate month to month. That doesn’t mean I won’t be hitting up Bubbe and Zayde for a gift card or gift subscription though! Happy Chanukah everyone!


Eight lucky winners will win a limited-edition Hanukkah crate from Kiwi Crate.

Here Comes Hanukkah Giveaway


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  1. morahmommy says:

    Important Kiwi Crate Update!! Kiwi Crates is having a 12-Day Gift Away!

    Each day, they’ll be gifting a great prize from some of our favorite brands, including Tea Collection, Tiny Prints, and Sprout.

    Gift Away link: (sorry, US residents only!)

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