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Facebook Fails (Infographic)

0 Comments 20 December 2012

Part of Facebook’s mission statement is, “…make the world more open and connected.” But, is that what we really want? Starting in 2009, Facebook started changing their privacy policies- and not to their users liking.

When Facebook started changing their privacy settings in 2009, they did this without warning. This change in privacy made it possible for anyone to see your “about me” page, friends lists, and posts such as status updates, links, photos, videos, and notes. Then, Facebook failed again when they manually switched privacy setting to “friends only” mode. This was unpleasing to users because it did not prevent all personal information from being shared with 3rd party applicants. Out of Facebook’s users, only 17% of users still use no privacy settings at all and 13 million US Facebook users have never opened their privacy settings.

In 2010, Facebook really let their members down when they were caught giving user information to online giants. The kicker with that was Facebook had their own privacy policy which stated, “we do not share your information with advertisers without your consent.” So, once this information was shared, your profile was “recommending” the use of products on other sites.

If you’re a Facebook user, you know how dramatic the change was when the social media site launched their “timeline” feature. People reacted in different ways, the main reaction was worry with users and those that didn’t even see a reason for still having an account. Once the timeline was turned on, it could not be turned off. This was worrisome to users because it unearthed material from years prior putting individuals in awkward positions.

Check out this infographic that covers all the failures that Facebook has brought upon it’s users. So, what’s on your mind?

facebook privacy fail Facebook Fails (Infographic)
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pixel Facebook Fails (Infographic)

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