Earning a Business Degree is a Powerful Career Choice [Infographic]

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The most popular fields of study between 2009 and 2010 consisted of business, social sciences and history, health professions and related programs, and education. Business was easily the most popular—of the 1,650,000 bachelor’s degrees awarded in that timespan, 22 percent were a business degree, which is more than double the second most sought-after degree. Attending business school is such a powerful networking opportunity, and successful businesses state that 47 percent of their business comes from effective networking activities.

Career prospects are healthy for business school graduates. When unemployment was at its ceiling in recent years (9.9 percent), business grad hiring rates remained strong. Three of the five most hirable majors—engineering, business, accounting, computer sciences, and economics—are within the business field. Also, between 2011 and 2012, the starting salaries of of business majors grew 2.2 percent, the most out of all majors. The median starting salary for those with a Master of Business Administration is $90,000.

Would you attend business school today? Please share your thoughts in the comment section and check out the infographic below presented by New England College to learn more about the benefits of completing a business-oriented education.

Online Business Degrees Lead to Business Careers
Infographic by New England College Online, your source for Undergraduate Business Degrees Online.

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