The Evolution of Content Consumption [Infographic]

0 Comments 07 February 2013

With the changing face of technology has come a change in content consumption over the last 15 years. The sharing of .wav files has turned to the sharing of YouTube links and embed codes. Dial-up has evolved to free wifi and instead of buying cds in-store and uploading them to a computer, consumers can now download them straight from iTunes in an average of 4-30 seconds – a far cry from a Broadband connection’s download average of 15 minutes.

This year, the number of Internet users worldwide reached almost twice the number as five years ago. Thanks to the web and the popularity of smartphones, information can now be shared on multiple devices thanks to syncing technology and both music and video can stream straight to a computer, mobile device or tablet.

In this infographic, Torchbrowser explores the ways in which content consumption has evolved from yesterday’s Internet into today’s web network.

pixel The Evolution of Content Consumption [Infographic]

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