Why is Apple #Winning? [Infographic]

0 Comments 07 February 2013

When it comes to success, Apple is winning. Selling over 365,000,000 devices in the last year, Apple has been earning 4 billion dollars a month. Over five years, that’s a total profit of 110 billion dollars.

How has Apple accomplished such a feat? Apple’s success has been catapulted by three major forces — innovation, opportunity, and execution. Instead of merely providing consumers with what they want, Apple has redefined their needs. Apple has reshaped the way that consumers use their tools, from reading the newspaper to how they commute. Apple has capitalized on opportunities to expand their services, pioneering the smartphone and tablet markets. When these industries took off, Apple took another opportunity to shine — building an app market. Apple knows its customers and knows how to innovate. The master of marketing, Apple appeals to buyers by building the products that they can use every day.

In this infographic, explores more ways in which Apple has climbed the ranks of success to build one of the greatest financial runs in the history of corporate America. Check it out below to learn more.

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