Technology in the Classroom [Infographic]

0 Comments 26 April 2013

If you are in your early thirties or over, you may remember some modern technology being introduced in school.  You probably took a typing class and may have worked on computers for one or two classes.

Today, the classroom looks quite a bit different.  With the advancement of technology and the growing concern for the environment, schools are shifting their focus.  The days of backpacks heavy laden with oversized textbooks are becoming a thing of the past.

Today’s textbooks are neatly compressed data stored on an iPad or other digital devices.  Such devices are, in some cases, also replacing the need for paper homework.  In fact, in some classrooms, even the teacher is in digital form through online learning modules or digital classrooms.

Where once, those who loved technological advancement were picked on for being different, today, it seems our kids are all turning into “nerds”…and that’s ok with us!

Check out the infographic below to learn more about technology in the classroom.

Classroom Technology

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