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December 13, 2007


Okay, so I'm about a month late in joining the Mixx party but like I always say, "better late than never", right?

The good news is, Mixx is still in beta and folks like Tamar Weinberg and Tad claim that this "Digg clone" is gaining momentum with Digg users and folks who don’t feel comfortable on other social networks. Tamar says, "for that reason, you should join now." So, I took her advice and joined.

Tad goes on to list 12 very good reasons to join Mixx and abandon Digg........

  1. New, fresh, nascent community where your contribution counts
  2. Politeness in disagreeing, basically any flaming is banned at Mixx so the ugly Diggers we’re used to by now and who also flame on StumbleUpon won’t attack you here
  3. Personalization instead of one size fits all, the front page metaphor of the newspaper does not work for the Net, at Mixx you get your personalized news first, not just the lowest common denominator, thus also niche news get exposure
  4. Mixed media with images and videos right up front like on social news mashups allow you a quick overview
  5. It’s not just about exploitation of UGC and your “social capital”, you can also gain by promoting your own stuff.

I definitely like the idea of being able to promote my own stuff without being harassed for self promotion. To me, social media is all about the conversation. These sites are simply a means to tell others something, whether it be your own information or the information of others. But some have gotten so "nichee" with their content that no one wants to use them anymore. All the big hitters are signing up for Mixx, you should too.


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