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December 26, 2007

My Career Is Social Media

I am the director of Social Media for Durbin Media and while most people who are not involved in blogging and social media will not even know what this means, Chris Brogan has a great post that explains exactly how to use a career in social media to find a job, thanks to the various tools available in this arena.

"Today’s career environment is different, at least for the information workers. What’s different is that there are more ways to influence getting a job than in the past. You probably already know that the old saying is true: “it’s not what you know; it’s who you know.” Well, the people you know has expanded a bit, thanks to social networks, and what people know about you has grown, too, thanks in part to the various tools you can employ in social media."

Chris goes on to list some great strategies to use while building your on-line presence with social media in mind. Here are two of my favorites.......

"Your Blog Is A Resume
Blogging about this stuff is like writing out my experience for a resume line by line. (Only less boring).
Social Networks for Networking
I think social networks, blogs, and all these various places like Seesmic, Utterz, Flickr , are great touchpoints to understanding someone’s personal interests, tastes, and learn about their professional proclivities as well."

Chris mentions some "elements to consider" that for me would look a bit like this:

  1. Putting a picture of yourself on your main page. (Plan trip to Glamour Shots)
  2. Make about page robust.  (Tackle after Christmas shopping is done)
  3. Publishes email and phone number on main page. (1-800-Hot-Social-Media-Mom)

I sincerely suggest you check out Chris's post on Social Media For Your Career and the rest of his 100 Social Media Posts. After all, it's not what you know, it's who you know!


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One problem is putting your phone number up anywhere people can get it, even in a domain registration form, is a great way to get obnoxious prank callers. That happened to a friend and former colleague of mine.

There are tons of companies like JaJah that give a number to call through to your line so you never have to post your "real" number.

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