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December 18, 2007

Social Media Is A Lot Like The Weather

Have you ever heard that social media can be compared to a fishing tournament, or that it's a lot like high school, or maybe you've heard the pond analogy? While, these are all very interesting, I would like to propose that social media is a lot like the weather.  Not just because it is unpredictable, always changing, and catastrophic at times, but because, just like the weather has major societal impacts, social media is making a huge impact on society as well.

Stu Ostro has an interesting commentary on The Weather Channel blog that I think explains this a bit better........

"Webster's New World College dictionary  (the dictionary of choice of the Associated Press, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal) lists eight variations of the definition of 'society'. But the one that seems to best fit when applied broadly to weather and climate as opposed to, say, an organization, is, "All people, collectively, regarded as constituting a community of related, interdependent individuals."

And for 'impact', the power of an event, idea etc., to produce changes, move the feelings, etc.'''

What could better describe social media than "people collectively, regarded as constituting a community of related, interdependent individuals"? And isn't social media at its finest when people are moved by their feeling toward an event?  So in comparison, a major societal event like Hurricane Katrina, can effect the world and and their responses just as ground breaking news and opinions can.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not comparing a catastrophic hurricane to someone's opinion of the iPhone but what I am saying is that a societal impact can occur in any given circumstance.

Whether it's the weather or the media, society is constantly intertwined with information and will continue to depend on one another for the global proliferation of it all. As far as weather compared to social media, I leave you with this quote:

"The science satisfies our quest for knowledge, but the profession exists to serve humanity."

If social media exists to serve humanity then our quest for knowledge can be satisfied in our journey to connect, respond and share information.


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