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December 19, 2007

Social Media Users

Have you ever wondered what a typical social media user is like? Well, evidently social media users can be by one of 23 different types as defined by Kyle Healey at the Affiliate Marketing blog.

Did you know that most people fall into the "Average Joe" category? Turns out, they are on the site recreationally, just to pass time whether screwing around at work or school or on their spare time.....

"Once in a while, the Average Joe may comment and get involved on something they are passionate about on a lively discussion. Otherwise they pretty much go about their business, adding friends now and again and checking in a few times per week."

I would say, I fall into the category of "Smart Webmaster". I understand social media optimization and hope to evolve into an effective "active" or "super" user someday.

To find out what type of user you are, check out Kyle's list. It is packed with information and a bit of humor. You may just come to the realization that your buddy, Barney, over at XYZ site is a "Rick Roller" who posts links with either no description or false descriptions in comments that links to something gross or stupid. As if spamming wasn't bad enough!


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