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December 12, 2007

Stylehive: Update

Yesterday, I wrote a post about the social bookmarking site, Stylehive, and the fact that it is a growing segment in the social media realm that focuses on primarily, fashion, trends, and shopping. Evidently, Stylehive has noticed a need for content and not just bookmarking applications because as of yesterday, Stylehive has acquired StyleDiary.

According to HipMojo, this is a reflection of a trend in social media........

"the challenge of monetizing social media and user generated content, even in fashion, where you’d think e-commerce would finance the growth."

A smart move by Stylehive, I must say. For the life of me I could not figure out how they were going to market themselves to anyone outside of the fashion industry and Ashkan explains it this way......

"Without content, social media sites will face challenges in monetizing their audiences… and today’s deal is a manifestation of that."

The days of stand alone sites may be a thing of the past and offering a myriad of platforms may become a trend in 2008 for sites that have to find new ways to differentiate if they want to succeed in social media.


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