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Are You Addicted To Stumble Upon?

8 Comments 16 January 2008

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88%Are You Addicted to Stumbleupon?

Just a fun quiz to determine your level of commitment to this very effective social media site. Leave a comment letting me know your level of addiction.

pixel Are You Addicted To Stumble Upon?

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  1. Shana Albert says:

    I am 90% addicted. I’m actually surprised it is that low. ;-) I would have guessed much higher. :)

  2. I would have thought mine would be higher too. Oh well, something to strive for. LOL

  3. I gotta admit I am not at all addicted to SU. Dowloaded it. Used it a little. Now I never look at it. I guess I am what is known as an outlier!

  4. Dave says:

    83% for me. I can’t stop clicking that button. I need to get some sleep.

  5. I don’t use it that much, so I guess my 40% score doesn’t surprise me.

  6. I don’t use it that much, so I guess my 40% score doesn’t surprise me.

  7. flashy007 says:

    I think I stumble a lot, I would say I’m at a 95% level, I think it is the best thing to hit the internet in a while, I love finding new web sites just like this one…


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    [...] What if social media is your career? Aren’t we constantly depending on news sites, microblogging, and RSS feeds to inform us of breaking news? If I would rather Stumble than watch football on tv with the rest of the family does that make me a StumbleUpon addict? [...]

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