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January 04, 2008

I Am A Social Media Ninja!

Isn't it funny how many social media sites include voting elements of some kind like Sphinns, Diggs and my favorite, the Thumbs Up? Now, I am asking all of you to vote again, except this time, it is not on a social media site it is for the Social Media Ninja Award over at Collective Thoughts.

The bloggers over at Collective Thoughts, held a contest to see who thinks they are a Social Media Ninja in 250 words or less. Of course, I entered because I never pass up to enter a contest and believe it or not, I am now a finalist.

Here's what you have to do to vote:
1 - Go to this post.
2 - Please only vote for one candidate.
3 - Votes must be received by Tuesday, January 8th, 2008 at midnight GMT.
4 - Candidates cannot vote for themselves.
5 - The decision of the Collective Thoughts team is final.

The finalist are all awesome and I have already added most of them to my network of contacts in the various social media sites that we all frequent, so even if I don't win, I have found some great folks to follow, stalk and mixx with!

Thanks Brian!


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For the fact that you caught my attention with social media (you stumbled the 20 Sphinners you might not know thing I wrote), you get my vote :).

Thanks Gab! And we are now friends on SU. So very nice to e-meet you.

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