Sk*rt Enables Down Voting

0 Comments 15 January 2008

Thanks to some excellent software, Sk*rt developers have now added a vote down feature for their community.

In case you’re not familiar with Sk*rt, Sk*rt is a social media platform that caters to those interested in smart finds, cool ideas, and information about products. It is a family friendly site that up until now has allowed users to only vote “yes” to the things that they liked.

As of yesterday, however, they have added even more opportunities to vote and “bury” posts that users don’t like……..

“Spot any spam? See anything unseemly? Simply click the nifty LOSE
button at the bottom of each post, and cha-ching! It’s lost. If a
couple of people do it, it’s lost forever. Whoohoo! And wow, is it satisfying.
Kinda like Whack-a-Mole, but without the pesky moles.”

This week, Sk*rt is doing something really unique. They are having a Clean Up Sk*rt contest. All you have to do is vote 10 stories down in the Up & Coming section and leave a comment on this post, telling of your new found Sk*rt power, to be entered to win.

So I went over and voted the 10 posts down but to be honest, they were all junk. Valentine’s day ideas, ways to start a franchise, baby names, all junk. Not much for me over there but for some of the mommy bloggers, Sk*rt is a great place to network. Makes sense because the three ladies behind skirt are all moms and have been savvy bloggers for a while.

It will be interesting to see how Sk*rt evolves in the social media circle and whether or not they can actually send traffic to your site.

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