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1 Comment 03 January 2008

The new year is vastly upon us and while social media is already taking off in all kinds of exciting directions, some people are now just arriving to the party and have lots of questions.

Muhammad Saleem, from Search Engine Land, has put together an incredible Social Media Manual, that offers some sound advice for anyone considering jumping into the realm of social networking.

Saleem generously outlines 8 comprehensive points that focus on the fundamentals of knowing your community as well as the more complicated and important rules of fickle followers……..

“It’s called social media for a reason: no one can do it alone. You need
to make friends along the way to help give you that extra push. Make
sure that you check out the content that these users are sharing and
give it at least as much time as they’re giving your content. Nobody
wants to be in a one-sided relationship, and everybody can learn
something from a friend.”

I have gained some popularity on a social site and I have a lot of fun with it but I have to remember that it is not my “personal playground” as Saleem reminds us to do. I can not expect every story to be universally loved and promoted and I need to always remember those that have helped me get to where I am and not take them for granted. It’s about reciprocation. It’s about networking. It’s about a cyber society that can make or break or break you so treat others the way you want to be treated and you will succeed.

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1 comment

  1. Digidave says:

    Mu really does know his stuff.

    I remember when he first approached me with the first version of this manual.

    Soon there is going to be a book on social news sites (Digg, Reddit, NewsTrust.Net, etc) and Mu might be the person to write it.

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