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Cafemom Adds Voting To Their Networking Site For Moms

You may remember that last month I listed Cafemom as one of the Best in Mom Networking sites on the web. Well thanks to fellow mom blogger, Anne Marie, from My Readable Feast,
I was notified of some recent changes to the Cafemom site.

The idea behind Cafemom is to bring women together to actually network and promote one another through their targeted groups, and while their groups are great, this last week marks a step toward moms promoting each other in an additional way. Cafemom has added a tool that allows moms that are sharing ideas and interesting things around the web, a chance to vote on topics on their new “hot list”………

“Moms can “bump” submitted items that they think are
interesting and that other moms would appreciate. The more bumps an
item gets, the more likely it will be to end up on the Popular tab of
the Hot List.”

Currently the categories of the “Hot List” are current events, parenting, health, entertainment, recalls and alerts and offbeat news. Similar to other networks for moms that allow voting, you can submit your own information or something you’ve found on the Internet that falls into one of these categories. You can share your submission with friends and flag inappropriate content. The only drawback to voting and submitting items to the “Hot List” is that you do have to be a member of Cafemom to participate.

I sincerely suggest you check it out! Peruse the Hot List, see how many bumps some of the posts have and start connecting. You may decide this is a great place to start you’re own group and lead other women to sanity and support.

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