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February 18, 2008

The Mom Blog Network

The month of January ended with my comprehensive list of Social Networking sites that are geared toward the growing group of mom bloggers. There was a big response and some sites have been added as this niche continues to grow by leaps and bounds. I will write more on this later.

What I really am interested in, however, are the sites for moms that promote not only relationships but have the ability to submit posts and vote. One site that seems to be making a real dent in this arena is the new, niche, social media site, The Mom Blog Network.

I mentioned, in my post, that the community of mom bloggers is an extremely engaging and rapidly growing niche and being able to identify the top mom blogs is very a valuable resource for those looking to enter, study or market to people in a particular field.  Marshall Kirkpatrick, of Read, Write, Web, lists six different services you can use to identify the top blogs in a particular niche field. He compares the pros and cons of each site and while Marshall's list is fairly comprehensive, he does note in his conclusion that, 

"Nobody quite does what we need. Used in concert and with a little work, these tools together can build you a pretty good reading list of top blogs in any niche."

I would like to suggest that The Mom Blog Network is on the right track to becoming the best place for finding blogs in the mom blog niche.......

"Moms are the ultimate internet networkers," states Debra Aho Williamson, senior analyst at eMarketer.com. "They seek out other moms' advice for what they're looking for." Most certainly, blogs are highly effective for sharing information and establishing a critical voice online. "89 percent of moms use the Internet at least twice a day," reports PME Enterprises, which produces the annual M2Moms™ marketing conference. "In the evolution from 'Web 1.0 to Web 2.0', mommy bloggers have grown their sphere of influence."

Nobody knows about this "sphere of influence" better than fellow mommy blogger and founder of Mother's Click, Andra Davidson. Andra saw the need for moms to have place that their posts could be promoted through syndication and at the same time offer an easy way to reach a wider audience and drive more traffic to their sites, so she developed the Mom Blog Network.

Great idea, but is it working? To answer that question, I went straight to some active mom bloggers in the community that have been using the Mom Blog Network for a couple of months.  Here is what they had to say:

Amanda, from Pajama Mommy Community says,

"I just started using Mom Blog Network maybe within the last 2 months. I haven't received any referrers. In my stats you have to give me at least 11+ click throughs generally to make it in my list of referrers. Mom Blog Network hasn't given me enough to even register on my radar."

Sharyn, from the FeeFiFoto blog notes,

"In the last couple of months I have received a few visits from the Mom Blog Network. Maybe 20 or so."

Summer, from Wired For Noise doesn't put much work into it........

"I have my blog set to auto feed there so that my posts are up automatically and I get about 1 or 2 visits a week from them."

Jenny, from The So Called Me, can't seem to get her blog to aggregate to the Network.......

"I've gotten some decent traffic from them. No one that comments, but they have subscribed to my feed."

My experience in the last month has been similar to those moms above. I have received exactly 28 visits from the Mom Blog Network and while comments have been at a minimum, I have gotten a couple of subscribers. The thing that I really like about the network, as Summer mentioned,  is that once you register your blog, your posts are automatically posted on the network. So for 28 visits and no work done, it is really an easy way to generate a little extra traffic.

The good news is, it's real traffic, not fly by night votes. These are real moms looking for real content, and if they find something they like they stay for a while and quite often, become subscribers. So while the traffic may not come in hoards, the quality of the traffic is definitely what focused and highly specific social niche sites have to offer. What niche sites do you participate in?


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Thanks for this. I just signed up with the Mom Blog Network and I love it -- not as much for the post syndication (though there is that) -- but that I am able to e-meet more moms.

Sometimes we forget in the midst of parenting, that we really are part of a huge community of women struggling and triumphing over the same issues!


As an "older" Mom (my baby is 36) I haven't thought that I would fit into this blogging niche very well. It is nice to know it's there though for the younger moms. Since my blog is genealogy-related, I have joined that sort of niche group and it hasn't generated the traffic I thought it would. Really though, the key to all of this is to keep in touch, reach out and comment. Oh, and to learn to use a reader service so you can easily access all the blogs in a network in one fell swoop. :) Sorry to get long-winded here! Great article!

You both are so right. It is all about reaching out and e-meeting more moms. Connecting and networking no matter what the niche, moms are made for this.

Thanks for the post! I am one of those 28 you mentioned. My blog is still young, but I have found that I have gotten some decent traffic from the Mom Blog Network and a few comments. Though some have commented on MBN instead my site.

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