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February 07, 2008

Social News Central - A Network For Social Media Types

Social media, social networking, call it what you will but some are saying that it is on the verge of busting wide open in 2008 and becoming totally niche. Where will you be when big news breaks? Tied up voting on some social news site or talking with your friends about the news on Social News Central?

In the wake of the Digg fiasco about two weeks ago, DigiDave, founder of Social News Central, thought to himself, "what this growing community needed was a space to communicate that didn't involve voting", hence Social News Central was born. DigiDave used Ning, a customizable, online service that allows anyone to create their own social network for free.

"Digg, Reddit, Propeller, StumbleUpon, Mixx, Newsvine...you name it. If you are on these sites, then this is a place for you."

Evidently, Social News Central already has over 100 members and has only been live for a couple of days.There are all kinds of conversations going on right now in the various groups that have been set up. For example, check out this forum regarding the social news site StumbleUpon:


StumbleUpon Forum



                List your StumbleUpon blog here                     6 Replies             


                                    Started by J.D. Rucker. Last reply by kmunse 1 minute ago.                            


Post your StumbleUpon profile URLs here. Feel free to tell us what you like to Stumble, why you like to Stumble, and how you like to Stumble. Read More »


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                Stumbling less than perfect sites...  favor of pain                     3 Replies             


                                    Started by Jared. Last reply by Jeff Quipp 1 day ago.                            


I have lots of clients and friends who are really trying to market their sites. Some of them are well done others - well - not so good. I sometimes stumble sites I would not otherwise stumble to he... Read More »





                Stumbling your way to success?                     8 Replies             


                                    Started by WordsnCollision. Last reply by AbsolutelyTrue/gnomey 1 day ago.                            


I wish this post had a happy ending - and it yet may - but the results of my latest "Stumble Experiment" have me more confused than ever. Yesterday i sent out an older article of mine (Top Ten Weir... Read More »


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Social News Central is a fantastic idea and fits right into the message of social media in that it, once again, transforms people into content publishers and not just content voters. The conversations have begun, why don't join us?



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I also want to make sure that J.D. Rucker gets credit too. The guy in the Stumble Upon group that you highlight above - he deserves accolades in spades for helping set this up. He blogs at Soshable.com

That is great to know. I really enjoy his blog. It looks like you two are off to a fantastic start.

Thanks for sharing this Kristen. bTW, your site is loading sloooooowly for me...

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