January 23, 2008

Just What Is The Digg Crew Recommending?

Yesterday the social networking site, Digg was down for a "brief period" while they performed some type of maintenance to the site. Rather than just posting a "down, come back later" message to diggers, Digg decided to list a few sites that they recommend.


"Digg will be down for a brief period, while we make some changes.
While not digging, the digg crew recommends:"



Is it just me, or are these sites lacking something? You would think that with a site like Digg and the qualtiy content that comes in, the "crew" would have some inspiring recommendations. As it is, one site hasn't even been updated since October 15th, 2007, one site is a an album of scantily clad women with tattoos and body piercings, one link is to the landing page of an actress up for an award for a movie from 2006, and one site has a video on YouTube that satirizes the use of swords.

Note to Digg:

If your site is going to be down for any length of time and you deem it necessary to give your users a list of sites to check out, let me make a suggestion: Take a few of the top 100 users and list some of the sites they author or like.

Did anyone else happen to check out any of these sites while Digg was down? What were your thoughts?

December 19, 2007

$300 Million for Digg

According to the Marketing Pilgrim, rumors are spreading that Digg is looking for a buyer. Of course, the rumor that Digg is going to sell has been around for months, but this is the first time that the founders have actually hired a bank to find the best deal......

"A reliable source just confirmed the company's plans, noting the company has hired Allen & Company, a tiny but influential private investment firm, to help broker a deal. The asking price is still $300 million, the source said.

This will come as no surprise. Rumors of a sale have been rampant for months, although until now we hear co-founder Jay Adelson has been trying to muster up interest in a sale. This is the first time Digg has hired a bank to shop the deal, we're told."

No comments from Digg founder, Kevin Rose, but if you ask me, it could just be a marketing move to gain more exposure in the growing social media realm. Digg selling? I'll believe it when I see it.

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