December 07, 2007

Don't Judge A Facebook By Its Beacon

Facebook is one of the most utilized social media sites in the nation and lately they have been under fire for their use and presentation of their new Beacon application. While I am normally a person quick to forgive, I am even more impressed when people can admit their mistakes and limitations in the world of Web 2.0.

My buddy Paul, over at Hee Haw Marketing, has a full post featuring Mark Zuckerberg and his response to the Beacon disaster from his Facebook blog.......

"About a month ago, we released a new feature called Beacon to try to help people share information with their friends about things they do on the web. We've made a lot of mistakes building this feature, but we've made even more with how we've handled them. We simply did a bad job with this release, and I apologize for it." Read the whole speech here.

You gotta love a guy that is making oodles of money from Facebook and in reality, could totally care less about his users if he were like some people, and yet, he takes an active role in realizing his user's  feedback and makes the necessary changes to keep them happy.  Mark has shown that by making community count you build brand loyalty and that makes him successful in the social media realm by any standard.