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January 25, 2008

Stumble The Candidates

I am a huge fan of StumbleUpon. In fact, I am 88% addicted to StumbleUpon and I love it when I come across something a fellow blogger has stumbled and it moves me to blog about it. A good example of this would be one of Muhammad Saleem's latest stumbles regarding the presidential candidates........

“Stumble The Candidates” lets you to choose your favorite candidate for the 2008 USA Presidential Election Campaign and stumble him/her using StumbleUpon. This way you can show your support to your favorite candidate, cause the more stumbles a candidate gets, the more is the probability of his profile being shown to StumbleUpon users. Happy Stumbling!

Evidently, this site was set up just for Stumbling the Candidates and has no affiliation with Every candidate is on the main page with the thumbs up button at the bottom, and each has his/her own individual page that you can stumble as well. You can also leave comments regarding your opinions of each candidate which I think is an interesting idea considering the banter between Obama and Hillary as of late.

Social media has made election 2008 extremely interesting in the fact that it is not only about each candidate's position on issues but it is now about the conversations they have with voters and each other. Never before has the conversation sparked so much interest in the presidential candidates. For example,  Buzz Networker is doing a series on each candidate's MySpace profile. So far Kevin has reviewed Hillary and John Edwards and coming next is his review of Obama.

If you're having a conversation regarding the presidential candidates and have taken part in how social media can play into the election of 2008, leave a comment and let us know all about it.

January 23, 2008

Just What Is The Digg Crew Recommending?

Yesterday the social networking site, Digg was down for a "brief period" while they performed some type of maintenance to the site. Rather than just posting a "down, come back later" message to diggers, Digg decided to list a few sites that they recommend.


"Digg will be down for a brief period, while we make some changes.
While not digging, the digg crew recommends:"



Is it just me, or are these sites lacking something? You would think that with a site like Digg and the qualtiy content that comes in, the "crew" would have some inspiring recommendations. As it is, one site hasn't even been updated since October 15th, 2007, one site is a an album of scantily clad women with tattoos and body piercings, one link is to the landing page of an actress up for an award for a movie from 2006, and one site has a video on YouTube that satirizes the use of swords.

Note to Digg:

If your site is going to be down for any length of time and you deem it necessary to give your users a list of sites to check out, let me make a suggestion: Take a few of the top 100 users and list some of the sites they author or like.

Did anyone else happen to check out any of these sites while Digg was down? What were your thoughts?

January 22, 2008

Social Media Training Wiki

The bloggers at Social Media Training have a very interesting project going on. Due to the fact that social media is becoming a topic that no professional communicator can afford to ignore, SMT has developed a wiki that will hopefully become a great resource for those looking to evangelize social media in their organizations.

The unique part about this particular wiki is that they are tapping into the knowledge of social media users to create social media training and everyone is invited to participate in this one........

"What should a 'Social Media 101' course cover? What tools should people be aware of? How should we use those tools? What are the pitfalls? What are the basics that everyone in your marketing/communications department should know?"

A few bullet points have already been added but surely there is so much more to social media that should be added. Check it out. Ad your ideas by signing up for this wiki and let your social media voice be heard.

January 21, 2008

Teen Web Language Decoded

My teenagers spend a lot of time on the internet coddling and cooing their Facebook pages and as I walk by with an armful of laundry, I sometimes glance at the computer screen to see just what they are up too. Unfortunately for me, it appears to be all in code. Teen code that is, and confusion ensues. What is a mother to do?

Thanks to MSNBC, I can see clearly now because the rain of confusion is gone for good with a very comprehensive list of acronyms and expressions that teens use on their web pages. Things like.........

" ROTFL- Rolling on the Floor Laughing
RU- Are You?
RUMORF- Are You Male Or Female
RUOK- Are you Okay?
SorG- Straight or Gay
SWDYT- So What Do You Think?
TDTM- Talk Dirty To Me
THX or TX or THKS- Thanks
TLK-2-U-L-8-R- Talk to You Later
TMI- Too Much Information
TOM- Tomorrow
TTYL- Talk to You Later
WTF- What The F***
WTG- Way to Go
WYCM- Will You Call Me?"

Okay, so I knew that "LOL" meant "laugh out loud", and that "ROFL" meant "rolling on floor laughing", as I've actually used these terms in comments I've made on blog posts before but I had no idea that "LMIRL" meant "let's meet in real life" or that "P911" meant "parent alert". These codes are good to know and you can find the whole list here. Consider yourself hip on the things of teenagers, for a day anyway.

January 17, 2008

DE Sphinn??

It seems that Sk*rt is not the only social media site adding down voting to their site and a conversation has exploded over at the niche social media site, Sphinn about the fact that they too are looking to implement the negative vote option to their posts........

"We've mentioned in various threads over the past few weeks a new feature we'll be bringing on board in the next couple of weeks that will enable users to give a negative/thumbs down/disagree vote on topics submitted. We're calling this "desphinn"."

They want everyone's opinion and so far, 36 comments have left Sphinners skeptical and flat out "against" the idea. If you use Sphinn and would like to voice your opinion about this new feature, you can read the post here.

Quite frankly, I don't know what to think. I like the idea of burying posts that are not on topic and leaving a comment that applies to why they did not like it. Evidently, users have been using the spam button if they don't like a story and that is not the way to use this platform either. Just because someone doesn't agree with a story does not make the story spam. So, in a way they probably have been in need of this feature for a while and some are just nervous that it could be abused.

What do you think?

January 16, 2008

Are You Addicted To Stumble Upon?

88%Are You Addicted to Stumbleupon?

Just a fun quiz to determine your level of commitment to this very effective social media site. Leave a comment letting me know your level of addiction.

January 15, 2008

Sk*rt Enables Down Voting

Thanks to some excellent software, Sk*rt developers have now added a vote down feature for their community.

In case you're not familiar with Sk*rt, Sk*rt is a social media platform that caters to those interested in smart finds, cool ideas, and information about products. It is a family friendly site that up until now has allowed users to only vote "yes" to the things that they liked.

As of yesterday, however, they have added even more opportunities to vote and "bury" posts that users don't like........

"Spot any spam? See anything unseemly? Simply click the nifty LOSE IT button at the bottom of each post, and cha-ching! It's lost. If a couple of people do it, it's lost forever. Whoohoo! And wow, is it satisfying. Kinda like Whack-a-Mole, but without the pesky moles."

This week, Sk*rt is doing something really unique. They are having a Clean Up Sk*rt contest. All you have to do is vote 10 stories down in the Up & Coming section and leave a comment on this post, telling of your new found Sk*rt power, to be entered to win. 

So I went over and voted the 10 posts down but to be honest, they were all junk. Valentine's day ideas, ways to start a franchise, baby names, all junk. Not much for me over there but for some of the mommy bloggers, Sk*rt is a great place to network. Makes sense because the three ladies behind skirt are all moms and have been savvy bloggers for a while.

It will be interesting to see how Sk*rt evolves in the social media circle and whether or not they can actually send traffic to your site. 

January 14, 2008

Mobile post sent by kmunse using Utterz Replies.  mp3

Visual Twitter

The Twitter API has evolved into yet another way to communicate what you are doing, except this time it's not about telling others what you are doing but showing others what you are doing..........

"A global community of users answering the question......What are you doing? Answer by sending a picture from your camera phone."

This technology operates with your current Twitter account, all you have to do is enter in your mobile phone number and be logged in to your account for your pictures to show up. I'm not sure what they are doing to monitor any x-rated photos but you can bet Doug March will think of something that captures all the naughty pictures that come in. A Visual Twittertale perhaps? How 'bout it Doug?

January 10, 2008

Defrauding MySpace

Evidently the term "defrauding MySpace" is the term the U.S. Attorney's office in Los Angeles is considering using to file a suit against Lori Drew in the Megan Meier suicide case......

"13-year old Megan Meier committed suicide after receiving cruel messages on her MySpace page, allegedly written by Lori Drew. Prosecutors believe they have jurisdiction because the popular internet website is based out of Beverly Hills."

They might have a case and here's why:

1. MySpace makes it very clear in their Terms & Conditions page that all registration information must be truthful and accurate.
2. MySpace makes it very clear in their Terms & Conditions page that profiles may not include lewd, violent or harassing subject matter.
3. MySpace makes it very clear in their Terms & Conditions page that harassment is strictly prohibited and legal action will be taken if violated.

MySpace does make it clear that while they set these rules for protection, they recognize that some rules get broken. Like the one that says, you must be 14 years of age to create an account. Oops! That means Megan Meier was fraudulent in her use of MySpace too. This got me thinking.

How many fraudulent accounts are on MySpace and other social networking sites? How many people actually read the terms and conditions of these online conversational platforms?  It's scary to think that we really can't know who's for real and who's not. And the most important question of all is, where does that leave lawmakers in determining internet harassment laws and cyber-bullying consequences?

I'll tell you where it leaves me, in the driver's seat when it comes to my kid's internet usage and social networking sites until they reach the "real" age of about 30.