Bored While Using The Bathroom? Tweet About It!

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Bored While Using The Bathroom? Tweet About It!

No Comments 19 December 2012

It’s no secret that people use their phones while visiting the porcelain throne. What’s even more disturbing is the amount of germs spread through phones because of this. Did you know that 1 in 6 cell phones have fecal matter on them? Did you also know cell phones harbor 18 times more bacteria than a [...]

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The Luxurious Guide to Mailing Your Family

No Comments 12 September 2012

Ever wanted to package up and ship off members of your family? Here’s a handy guide, presented by, on how to do just that! Gift Packaging with style - RetailPackaging.Com

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Would You Friend God if He was on Facebook?

2 Comments 03 May 2008

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Social Media Discipline

5 Comments 10 March 2008

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