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Social Networking Can Improve Your State’s MomScore

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and while families from all over the nation celebrated moms with brunches, flowers and a multitudes of hugs, RevolutionHealth was busy working with a team of public health officials, maternal health experts and consumer representatives to unveil momScore, a brand new interactive tool that presents moms and moms-to-be with relevant, comprehensive data about maternal health in their states. MomScore is the first of its kind, health index community, that provides nationwide state rankings for maternal health; which means, the health of women during pregnancy, during childbirth and postpartum. I believe there needs to be a renewed focus on the health of moms because a mom’s health has a very meaningful impact on the health of the whole family……

“Researchers believe that our rising maternal mortality rate is due to increasing levels of high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. In addition, growing racial and economic gaps could contribute to existing prenatal care inequalities.”

MomScore has taken into account 10 attributes to determine each state’s rankings and RevolutionHealth has coupled these rankings with expert-led groups on topics ranging from parenting and healthy eating, to losing weight and de-stressing…….

“To determine each state’s ranking, the expert team weighed the attributes and each state was assigned a momScore from 0 to 100. Some states had better access to prenatal care, which is critical to ensuring a healthy delivery and pregnancy. Other areas had better paid leave policy and childcare services, allowing mothers time to bond with their child after giving birth and peace of mind when they return to work. Air quality was another important factor, since mothers and babies are especially sensitive to pollutants.”

The results speak for themselves, a mother’s health has got to become a priority in our nation and RevolutionHealth is using social media to accomplish that goal. Blogs, forums and communities are being used to encourage moms to take action to improve their own health as well as offering discussions on how the online community can improve their individual state’s momScore rankings. It saddens me to see the very nation I live in with maternal, infant and child health goals falling short. My own state, Missouri, ranks a mere 25th out of 51 states ranked. What is one to do? We can start by participating! Debate your state’s score, share your personal story, or respond to the community or simply leave a comment below telling us your thoughts about how momScore can really utilize social media to promote women’s health.

May 12, 2008   4 Comments

Social Media Gets You Free Shipping

It goes without saying, that social media has become so mainstream that consumers are now demanding it when it comes to retail. Individuals have tapped into online conversations at such a fast pace that businesses are losing money to their competitors if they are not participating in the conversation.

A perfect example of this is the fact that more and more retailers are offering live chat as a way for shoppers to converse with their knowledgeable sales reps…….

“Live chat is basically an instant message between you and the retailer you are shopping with. The agent or sales rep on the other end of the live chat can help you find what you’re looking for or answer questions about sizes, colors, shipping and handling, return policies and a lot more.”

Not only does live chat help meet the human primal need that once drove people to the town square but it gives the consumer a chance to benefit in ways that otherwise might not be possible……..

“One of the most overlooked uses of live chat is to see if there are any free shipping coupons from that retailer. I was recently shopping on the Lands End web site and I didn’t want to pay for shipping. So I asked the live chat agent if there were any Lands End free shipping codes. She said that there wasn’t, but if I signed up for their newsletter she would give me free shipping on my order.”

Not every retailer is set up for live chat but if your favorite store displays the “Live Chat” button, don’t hesitate to use it. There’s no telling what you can get if you just ask for it!

May 7, 2008   1 Comment

Twitter For A Cause

Two of my very favorite bloggers and social media dads have been battling it out to see who would give in first to Twitter Peer Pressure. Matt McGee and Jeff Quipp have finally decided to start conversing in 140 characters or less and are now racing to see who can reach 500 followers the fastest. The winner will get $500 sent to the cause of his choice by the loser.

While both Jeff and Matt are passionate about social media, in their efforts to avoid wasting time on Twitter they may have just found a way to make this very useful tool work for them in the long run……

“It’s no secret that I’ve been trying to be the last person on Twitter for some time now. You may also know that Jeff Quipp (of the Toronto-based agency Search Engine People) was also not on Twitter, and has been challenging me to see who could last the longest without joining.

Well, we’ve put out heads together and have decided to sign up, and raise some money in the process. Here’s the scoop:

  1. We’re both putting up $250 for a total of $500 on the line.
  2. We’ve both chosen a charity that we like and want to support.
  3. We’ve both (finally) signed up for Twitter.
  4. Whoever gets 500 followers first is the winner, and all $500 will be donated to that person’s charity.

Essentially, there are no losers in this game and that’s what I love about Jeff and Matt. Each will gain something, whether it be loyal followers or $500 to his favorite charity. Certainly, The African Well Fund, which is Matt’s charity, will benefit by being able to bring clean water to parts of Africa where it doesn’t exist.

And also, the Tuberous Sclerosis Canada, a cause near and dear to Jeff’s heart, could use some financial help as well. The people that suffer from this horrible disease need awareness, support and most of all…a cure.

I am following both Matt and Jeff on Twitter, not necessarily for their causes but because they are awesome guys who care more about others than themselves. Good Luck Guys!

You can follow them both here and here!

May 5, 2008   2 Comments

Should You or Should You Not Submit Your Own Stuff?

There has been quite a buzz in the blogosphere, as of late, regarding whether or not it is socially acceptable to submit your own content to social sites. Here are a few examples:

Should You Submit Your Own Content To Social Networking Sites? - The Dallas Business and Marketing Blog

Is Shameless Self Promotion Using Social Networks Acceptable? - Marketing Ninja

Let’s Be Honest About Twitter - Web Pro News

The idea of self promotion is not new, however the jury is out when it comes to whether or not it is acceptable in the world of social media.

Debbie Weil says you have to submit your own stuff because a Technorati ping and an RSS update is just not enough anymore to get the attention your blog needs. You have to notify the Twittersphere. Unfortunately, some Twitterers don’t agree with letting your Twitter followers know you have a new blog post and feel it can polute the Twittersphere……


Then, there’s the “thumbs up” on StumbleUpon. Known for bringing huge amounts of traffic, Stumble Upon is a place to discover. But is discovery the same as when someone asks you to Stumble something? Aaron on the web says submitting your own content for others to Stumble can be a form of what he calls, “stumblespam”…..

“Isn’t the entire point of StumbleUpon to share interesting content with your friends, not to promote your own content using strangers?”

Everyone has their own opinion of self submission etiquette and Nick O’neill, from the Social Times blog, explains self submission in a way that clearly explains why people submit their own stuff:

“the social web is for building brand you. The techniques used to build brand you could be to simply write a blog post once a day or alternatively to write each post and tell as many people about it as possible in the hope that they’ll tell their friends.”

I agree 100% with what Jack Spirko, from the Dallas Business and Marketing Blog says, “To me social networking has a greater future if we judge the content rather then intent“. Is it really that important who submits it? If you like it, you can Mixx it, Digg it, Stumble it, Sphinn it, or whatever. If you don’t, then by all means don’t vote for it and move on!

What do you think about self submission? Should we or should we not submit our content to others, social sites etc.? I would love to know whether or not you think it is a good or bad thing to do and if so, why?

April 7, 2008   26 Comments

Google Doesn’t Celebrate Easter

title_easter_feature.jpgEvery time there is a holiday, I always look forward to checking in on Google’s home page to see their creative designs. They’ve had some really clever designs, from Martin Luther King Day to St. Patrick’s Day. But for some reason Easter was skipped this year and I want to know why. This Google logo is from the year 2000 and evidently they have not had one since.

I can’t imagine that it would be for religious reasons because not everyone celebrates Christmas and they had plenty of Google Christmas logos back in December. So what is the deal? Where is Easter? I mean, even bunny ears would have been cute. What do you think happened to Easter over at Google?

March 23, 2008   3 Comments

About Social Media Mom

Hi I am Kristen Munson and I am the owner of Social Media Mom. I am a social media consultant in the St. Louis area.

I am also one of the founding fathers of a total home site called Shakadoo. I had the privilege of building this blog portal to 50,000 page views in a period of 4 months and when I realized my strength lies in social media, I left Shakadoo to pursue a career in internet marketing.

I live in St. Louis, Missouri where I run my interactive marketing firm, Kmunse Marketing,  as a social media consultant and blogger. I take my professional experience and I show bloggers how to make money with their blogs.

I have a wonderful husband and four great kids. One can usually find me car pooling, meal making, and at sporting events if I am not blogging.

To contact me, please e-mail kristenmuns@gmail.com.

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