What is FrumChat?

#FrumChat is a weekly Twitter party that discusses relevant Jewish issues, specifically ones that involve orthodox Jewish lifestyle.  It occurs every Sunday from 7:30-8:30pm Eastern Time.

Do I have to be Orthodox and/or Jewish to participate?

Nope! Come as you are. It’s an open forum for discussion that allows us to hear lots of different perspectives.

How Do I Participate?

You can participate using Tweetchat, or via the Twubs embed below:
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Grab the Badge!

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Previous FrumChat Sessions:

  • FrumChat #1: Tznius (Modesty) - 11/14/10
    FrumChat #2: Kosher  - 11/21/10
    FrumChat #3: Chanukah - 11/28/10
    (Break for Chanukah) - no show 12/5/10
    FrumChat #4: Shabbos - 12/12/10
    FrumChat #5: Jewish Education - 12/19/10
    FrumChat #6: Birthdays - 12/26/10
    FrumChat #7: dedicated in honor of Miriam bas Sarah, Army SSG who deployed to Iraq today for 400 days - 1/2/11
    FrumChat #8: Jewish iPhone apps 1/9/11
    FrumChat #9: Tu B’Shevat - 1/16/11
    (Break - down with the flu :( ) - 1/23/11
    FrumChat #10: A Taste of the Holy Land 1/30/11
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