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Gifts For Mothers In Afghanistan

1 Comment 13 December 2010

This Christmas Pifworld is asking special attention for the Community Midwifery Program in Afghanistan. This project supports the training of local women to provide birth delivery assistance in Afghanistan.

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More midwives required

In Afghanistan, only 1,500 of the 5,000 midwifes required are available to women that give birth. To increase this number, the Community Midwifery Program needs to be strengthened at technical, organizational and institutional level. In a country where health facilities are meagre, where safety is not a matter of course and where people are less mobile due to poor infrastructure, skilled midwives are essential in safe home deliveries.

Highest birth mortality rate

Afghanistan has one of the highest birth mortality rates in Asia. Most Afghan women deliver at home and few of the births are attended by a skilled provider. Afghanistan is in dire need of skilled midwives to decrease these appalling birth mortality rates. See the short film about the project here:

A new way of giving: online

What is unique about this project is that the money is raised on an online charity platform where you can keep track of your donation. Funds of this project will be raised on

Pifworld is an online charity platform where people can donate and act to realise a better world together. At Pifworld 100% of your donation will go directly to the project selected by you. Via (video) updates, you can see the change made possible. At Pifworld we believe that more people donating smaller amounts is more important than few people donating large amounts. This enables us to create a large community of players (Pifworld members) who can be involved in creating a better world.

So make this a special Christmas for the pregnant women in Afghanistan and go to to make a difference.

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