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5 Jewish iPhone apps

1 Comment 13 January 2011

Just because you are an Orthodox Jew doesn’t mean that you can’t iPhone party like a rockstar. There are an extensive amount of Jewish-themed iPhone apps available. Even if you aren’t Jewish, these apps highlight some of the great features of the iPhone software and can allow you to get more acquainted with Judaism and Jewish customs.  Check out our list of our 5 favorite Jewish iPhone apps, inspired by this past week’s #Frumchat.

1. iTehillim

The iTehillim app provides users with an easy-to-read version of the Tehillim(psalms)

2943 1 pocket tehillim jewish psalms 5 Jewish iPhone apps credit

2. iBirkat

The iBirkat app allows the user quick and easy access to after meal blessings.

ibirkat free 5 Jewish iPhone apps credit

3. JM in the AM

Jm in the Am is a very popular Jewish music broadcast by Nochum Segal.

mzl.kocecypf.320x480 75 5 Jewish iPhone apps credit

4. Tanya

Tanya provides the user with practical advice on how to behave in our everyday lives by the Alter Rebbe directly to your finger tips.

tanya iphone 2814.320x460.1256630878.5763 5 Jewish iPhone apps credit

5. Shabbat Shalom

Shabbat Shalom is a great app if you have family in our cities and time zones.

logo 5 Jewish iPhone apps credit

What’s your favorite Jewish iPhone app? What’s your favorite iPhone app overall? Let us know in the comments.

pixel 5 Jewish iPhone apps

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