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Teenage Boys Don’t Have The Patience For Social Media

5 Comments 04 March 2008

I have been trying to convince my 15 year old son that he should start a skateboarding blog. He loves to skateboard, take videos of his friends skateboarding and read all the latest tips and tricks on the internet that have to do with skateboarding, so to me it only makes sense that he should [...]

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Social Media Mom Gets A Makeover

7 Comments 28 February 2008

Thanks to Brian, over at Nowsourcing, Social Media Mom has a new look, one that reflects her life and love of social media. The biggest single change is the fact that I have switched from Typepad to WordPress. I would love to take you through the process of getting this all set up, like Ben [...]

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Mark Joyner: Blogging Moron

No Comments 08 January 2008

Ed had a great post about the fact that it took Mark Joyner 6 years to figure out that blogging was important. Once Mark did realize that blogging had some significance in the world of Web 2.0, he decided to create a course on blogging. Evidently, Mark is not quite in his comfort zone about [...]

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