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Tips For Living More Green

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Tips For Living More Green

1 Comment 22 April 2011

Green is no longer just the color of envy or money, it is a very positive movement. By doing a few of these tips, you too can join the movement and help to protect our environment. These tips are very cost efficient, as a matter of fact, some may even save you money. I have [...]

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A Sustainable Social News Site

5 Comments 09 July 2008

For the last few months, Muhammad Saleem and Hank Green have been working on a little project that would allow people to share environmental news in a social media setting. The result is a fabulous site called EcoURLs.com and contains selected content by top envirobloggers…….. “Every story at EcoURLs is linked to other social news [...]

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Environmentally Friendly Web Hosting

8 Comments 30 May 2008

I recycle. I drive a hybrid. I conserve energy. I am really trying to be part of the solution and not the problem on our planet, and now, even web hosting companies are jumping on the “green” bandwagon to provide environmentally guided hosting. Elizabeth, over at Able Reach, has put together a list of 22 [...]

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Is Ethical Marketing An Oxy-Moron?

8 Comments 29 May 2008

After serious thought, and reconsideration of her goals, Kimberly Bock, aka SpostareDuro, has changed “Learning SEO Basics - Search Engine Optimization for the Curious Newbie” to “Learning SEO Basics - Supporter of Ethical Marketing”……….. “I am on the lookout for marketers / bloggers that are actively involved with charitable organizations, environmental causes, and endeavors that [...]

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Social Networks Are Going Green

4 Comments 11 April 2008

I love the idea of reducing our carbon footprint on this planet, in fact, I’ve spoken about it before. Well, things have gone even a step further in keeping this planet alive and well and social networking is the latest to climb aboard, the proverbial, eco-friendly bandwagon…….. “What’s going to be the viral element that [...]

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