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The Evolution of Content Consumption [Infographic]

No Comments 07 February 2013

With the changing face of technology has come a change in content consumption over the last 15 years. The sharing of .wav files has turned to the sharing of YouTube links and embed codes. Dial-up has evolved to free wifi and instead of buying cds in-store and uploading them to a computer, consumers can now [...]

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Data Footprints by Generation [Infographic]

No Comments 15 January 2013

In a world where we’re always connected, it’s important to know things like what a data footprint is and how you’re contributing to it.  A data footprint is left behind after you interact within a digital environment.  This includes many activities such as watching television and surfing the web either on your computer or your [...]

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The 5 Biggest Internet Entrepreneurs of 2012

No Comments 11 January 2013

An entrepreneur is someone who organizes, operates, and assumes risk for a business venture.  Sometimes those risks pay off in a big way, and sometimes they don’t, but for these five internet entrepreneurs their risk paid off.  Topping the list are the creators of Pinterest, Ben Silbermann & Paul Sciarra.  Followed by Jack Dorsey, the [...]

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Starbucks Free Wi-Fi Starts Today

6 Comments 03 June 2008

Rumor has it, that Starbucks free Wi-Fi will start today in most US Starbucks stores. According to The Zatz Not Funny Blog, Dave has seen the corporate memo dictating a June 3 launch…… “Earlier today the manager approached me (unsolicited) and said the system was configured a few days ago and they’ve confirmed it works. [...]

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Internet Safety

The Five Most Important Things You Need To Know About Kids And The Internet

8 Comments 25 March 2008

photo via Blaugh The Internet can be a fun place but it can also be dangerous. It is a lot of work to monitor, limit, and oversee the time kids spend on it but in the end, it is well worth the added protection and peace of mind for a parent. Here are five things [...]

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