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I’ve Let My Blog Go

10 Comments 25 June 2008

It’s official. I’ve been so distracted by Plurk and just life in general, I’ve done something I never thought I’d do…..I let my blog go. Evidently, most bloggers go through some sort of issue where their writing stalls and lack of posting becomes the norm but if you want a vibrant blog, and I do, [...]

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Social Media Moms

March Roundup - Top 5 Social Media Moms

22 Comments 31 March 2008

I may own the Social Media Mom domain name but certainly there are some moms that are setting the stage in social media while maintaining motherhood at the same time and I have chosen, what I consider, to be the top 5, and I have featured them in this month’s roundup. In no particular order, [...]

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8 Random Things About Me - A Meme

10 Comments 26 March 2008

Shana tagged me for 8 random things about me and since Shana has become a wonderful e-friend to me, I could not possibly turn her down. Without further ado, here are 8 random things about me……. 1. I am big on enunciation and the correct use of words, to the point of being anal. It’s [...]

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Candid E-mail Interview With Social Media Expert And Mom: Shana Albert

5 Comments 12 March 2008

Several months ago, I was contemplating putting together a list for this blog because we all know that every serious blogger’s got to make at least one resource list, right? As a result, I got in contact with fellow work at home mom and social media expert, Shana Albert, to discuss an idea I had. [...]

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