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Chief Mom Officer

5 Comments 24 July 2008

Being a mom is challenging and if it weren’t for the workable balance created between my passion for social media and my family, I might just lose my mind entirely. That is why I love success stories that involve moms and using the tools of social media used to enhance their lives and establish careers. [...]

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Social Networking

Music Is So Very Social

5 Comments 03 July 2008

One of the things I love doing on Plurk is posting song lyrics. Nothing brings more people out of the woodwork than a familiar song, tune or lyric. Music gets people excited, stimulates the brain and is just plain social. The Internet is definitely the most utilized tool when it comes to music and social [...]

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Kirtsy, Social Networking


1 Comment 14 May 2008

As you may know, one of the best social networking sites for moms has been the Digg-like site called Sk*rt. For a little over a year, the ladies over at Sk*rt have been bringing moms the best in news, products, stories and ideas and those moms have voted, commented and contributed in many ways. However, [...]

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Social Networking

The Mom Blog Network

5 Comments 18 February 2008

The month of January ended with my comprehensive list of Social Networking sites that are geared toward the growing group of mom bloggers. There was a big response and some sites have been added as this niche continues to grow by leaps and bounds. I will write more on this later. What I really am [...]

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Fat Kid Birthday Contest

1 Comment 11 February 2008

Dear, sweet, Fat Kid is turning 18 on March 5th and to celebrate his coming of age, he has unleashed a birthday contest and is giving away a boatload of cool prizes, one of which I am hoping to win……… Six 1st Prize Winners will receive a free 125×125 ad on Fat Kid Unleashed for [...]

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Post On Fire - Social Bookmarking Site

No Comments 04 February 2008

Post On Fire is a fairly new social networking/bookmarking site that is already off to a fantastic start. Having launched late last year, Post On Fire is currently reporting over 20,000 unique visitors and over 500,000 page views. What makes this site unique is that it is all about the blogger…….. When a new link [...]

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