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January Roundup: The Best In Mom Networking Sites

Social Networking

January Roundup: The Best In Mom Networking Sites

46 Comments 31 January 2008

Mom-to-mom wisdom is all over the place in the social media realm. Moms are blogging, sharing photos, sharing videos, and organizing groups, like never before, in order to connect with other moms with similar interests. I found this space to be so constant, engaging and extremely interactive that I have put together a list of [...]

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DE Sphinn??

16 Comments 17 January 2008

It seems that Sk*rt is not the only social media site adding down voting to their site and a conversation has exploded over at the niche social media site, Sphinn about the fact that they too are looking to implement the negative vote option to their posts…….. “We’ve mentioned in various threads over the past [...]

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Sk*rt Enables Down Voting

No Comments 15 January 2008

Thanks to some excellent software, Sk*rt developers have now added a vote down feature for their community. In case you’re not familiar with Sk*rt, Sk*rt is a social media platform that caters to those interested in smart finds, cool ideas, and information about products. It is a family friendly site that up until now has [...]

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No Comments 11 December 2007

Social Media is not limited to communities of people, pictures or videos. There are many sites in the world of Web 2.0 that favor bookmarking trends. One of those sites is Stylehive, and they have become a leader in the realm of socially bookmarking your favorite products, the stores that sell them and the people [...]

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Social Media Moms

Private Social Networking

1 Comment 10 December 2007

My buddy, Bob Ewing, over at Shakyard, has created his very own social networking site designed specifically for the natural gardener. Bob used a service called Ning to create his social networking site and while their are many online services that allow you to create your own customized networking site, Ning prides themselves in being [...]

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