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The Evolution of Content Consumption [Infographic]

No Comments 07 February 2013

With the changing face of technology has come a change in content consumption over the last 15 years. The sharing of .wav files has turned to the sharing of YouTube links and embed codes. Dial-up has evolved to free wifi and instead of buying cds in-store and uploading them to a computer, consumers can now [...]

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Comic Relief

Internet Safety, Social Media Moms, Video

Comic Relief

1 Comment 01 March 2010

As a preschool teacher, I know well that three-year-olds understand all too well how to move a mouse and select a link.

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Web Video and Interactivity: My Profile Story Has Debuted

No Comments 14 April 2009

Image via WikipediaBy Benny & Rafi Fine, The Fine Brothers With the approach of the five year mark of creating films online, our work –and work ethic- leads us to the forefront of the expanding landscape and medium of web video. Our accolades speak for themselves because our work provides the missing piece many other [...]

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Video Microblogging In 12 Seconds

5 Comments 13 August 2008

I came across a review done by Kate Greene, of Technology Review, regarding a startup microblogging site that just launched at the end of July. 12 Seconds takes a different approach to microblogging in that they allow you to post a 12 second video about what you are doing instead of using text…….. “Using a [...]

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Happy Mother’s Day

No Comments 11 May 2008

hat tip: MyStarbucks

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Would You Friend God if He was on Facebook?

2 Comments 03 May 2008

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