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Ximmy: Getting Paid To Share Content

4 Comments 11 March 2008

Reading time: 2 - 2 minutes I was invited by a blogging friend of mine to join Ximmy. Having never heard of it I thought I just better check it out and I found some very interesting things. For starters, Ximmy is similar to sites like Digg, Mixx, etc. in that users submit content, video [...]

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DE Sphinn??

16 Comments 17 January 2008

Reading time: 2 - 2 minutes It seems that Sk*rt is not the only social media site adding down voting to their site and a conversation has exploded over at the niche social media site, Sphinn about the fact that they too are looking to implement the negative vote option to their posts…….. “We’ve mentioned [...]

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Sk*rt Enables Down Voting

No Comments 15 January 2008

Reading time: 2 - 3 minutes Thanks to some excellent software, Sk*rt developers have now added a vote down feature for their community. In case you’re not familiar with Sk*rt, Sk*rt is a social media platform that caters to those interested in smart finds, cool ideas, and information about products. It is a family friendly [...]

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